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How to make a charitable bequest

CAND "Leave a Legacy" program


The CAND has launched a bequest program in conjunction with the Canadian Naturopathic Foundation (CNF). The aim of this program is to assist us in continuing to expand our public awareness program. This program will provide patients and the public with the opportunity to show their support and commitment to naturopathic medicine.


Our very successful television commercial, which has been running since May 2004, was initially made possible due to a patient bequest to the CAND. This is the first TV commercial expounding the benefits of naturopathic medicine that has ever been aired in North America. In 2007, it was seen by over 20 million viewers. Partially as a result of the commercial, the number of unique visits to the CAND website have doubled to over 60,000 per month. Our goal is to expand our public awareness program on national television and to add radio and print advertising. We are also planning on conducting a national cost/benefit survey that will provide us with valuable statistical information for our dealings with insurance companies and government.


Bequests allow naturopathic doctors, patients and the public a method of “planned giving” that provides for a financial contribution from their estate. All bequests receive a charitable receipt which can be used toward lowering your taxes. Tax-smart gift planning can help you to increase tax protection within your financial or estate plans. Funds left in bequest to the CNF for public awareness programs will be administered exclusively by the CAND.


Your generous support will allow us to continue our important public awareness programs and the work of the CNF and the CAND to improve the health of Canadians for generations to come. The CAND/CNF strive to make the best use of every donated dollar. Help us spread the word about the benefits of naturopathic medicine today.


For more information on how to make a donation or leave a legacy visit our website www.cand.ca or contact Heather Fleck at hfleckATcand.ca, 1.800.551.4381 or 416.496.8633.


LINK Click here LINK for more information on how to make a donation.


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