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New naturopathic doctors

Welcome, naturopathic graduates!


The always-low membership rate of $160 for 1st year practitioners includes access to:

- Discounted group malpractice insurance

- Discounted group home and auto insurance

- Great, low rates on merchant services (VISA, MasterCard systems)

- Various promotional materials, including personalized RX pads, at cost

- Discounts on high end air purifiers for home and office

- Special offers on various publications and more!


Please note that the CAND will prorate your membership dues based on your join date.


Click here to download our membership application form.


You've graduated, passed NPLEX. Now what? Click here for everything you need to know about the ND registration process in Canada.


This resource page is a living, breathing collection of information and we welcome suggestions and feedback from recent naturopathic graduates and all our members. Please choose an option from the menu below.

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