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Political Involvement

The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors has been very active at the provincial and federal levels of government since its inception.


Major areas of political focus include:
  1. Participating in Health Canada's regulatory advisory committees and providing an active voice for the integration of naturopathic care into the Canadian health care system.
  2. Advocating for regulatory changes at the federal level to ensure the quality and availability of botanical and homeopathic medicines and dietary supplements for effective patient treatment.
  3. Championing the benefits and cost-effectiveness of naturopathic medicine.
  4. Supporting the regulation of naturopathic medicine and naturopathic doctors across Canada.
  5. Encouraging federal government funding for naturopathic medical research.

Current political status:
Naturopathic doctors and the CAND are recognized by the federal government as experts in preventative / natural medicine.
The federal government has involved CAND as a stakeholder in many new initiatives / studies regarding the future of health care in Canada.
The federal Minister of Health appointed a naturopathic doctor as Director General for the Natural Health Products Directorate position.
The federal Minister of Health appointed a naturopathic doctor as Co-chair of the Schedule A (Food and Drug Act) working group.
Naturopathic doctors will soon be regulated in Alberta, bringing the number of regulated provinces to five.

Recent political activities:
The CAND presented to the Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada and provided follow-up information in response to further questions from Mr. Romanow.
Naturopathic doctors were one of only two groups of complementary and alternative health providers asked to participate in the Public Policy Forum on the Future of Health Care.
Naturopathic doctors continue to be expert advisors to the Natural Health Products Directorate. The Director General and four other staff members are naturopathic doctors.
The CAND was chosen by Health Canada and Human Resources Development Canada as one of six core representative groups of Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners (CAHCP) involved in consultations and preparation of a situational analysis proposal for a sector study of the impact of complementary and alternative health care on health care systems.
The CAND represented naturopathic doctors in Health Canada's Schedule A Working group reviewing Schedule A of the Food and Drugs Act.
The CAND is a stakeholder participant in legislative renewal consultations for the Proposed New Canada Health Protection Act.
The CAND was asked to recommend councillors for the new Canada Health Council.
Engaging in continual liaison with the Federal Minister of Health regarding healthy living strategies, preventing illness and improving health.

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