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Promotional Materials

The following promotional materials are available to the public to promote the naturopathic profession in Canada. They can be ordered by sending an email to info @ cand.ca or faxing the order form (click here) to 416-496-8634.


Golf Shirt with CAND Logo

High quality 100% cotton golf shirt. Both men's and women's cuts available.

Adult sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Cost: $35.00 plus applicable taxes


Window /Car CAND logo sticker

Naturopathic Medicine

Safe, Effective Health Care



Cost: $2.50 plus applicable taxes



buildingHealth Brochures

buildingHealth brochures are a set of information sheets designed to dramatically improve the support that Naturopathic Doctors provide their patients. Each handout starts with a general paragraph followed by specific discussion points on each topic.


Cost of brochures is $12.00 plus applicable taxes for a package of 25 of any one title:

Breathing.pdf   329 K
Fatigue.pdf   310 K
HealingwithWater.pdf   252 K
HealthyHabits.pdf   247 K
Homeopathic.pdf   270 K
ImmuneSupport.pdf   312 K

Insomnia.pdf   273 K
Naturopathic.pdf   208 K
Nutrition.pdf   309 K
SkinCare.pdf   248 K
Stress.pdf   415 K
Water.pdf   194 K

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