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News and Events

Fall-Winter Edition of National Naturopathic Journal Released

New Edition Addresses Complex Issue of Addiction

December 2013

Toronto – The fall-winter 2013 issue of the CAND Vital Link Journal is now available to naturopathic doctors across Canada. The theme of this issue is addiction and covers a variety of topics, from well known subjects, such as alcohol and illicit drug dependance, to emerging issues, such as electronic media addiciton.

The featured articles in the new issue include:

– The Psychology of Addiction: A Literature Review by Dr. Nicole Daniels, ND, MSc, BMSc

– Addiction, The Song and Dance by Dr. Aaron Van Gaver, ND

– Naturopathic Treatment of Addictions by Dr. Maureen Horne-Paul, B.Comm, ND

– Electronic Media Addiction: A Literature Review by Marie-Jasmine Parsi, ND (cand.), Kaeli Sweigard, ND (cand.) and Sara Ip, ND (cand.)

– Current Concepts in Food Addiction by Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, BSc, ND and Dr. Stephen C. Reed, BM, BCh, MA (Oxford), MA (Toronto), FRCSC

Each issue of the Vital Link is mailed to our naturopathic doctor members across Canada and distributed to students enrolled at the Canadian College and Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Members can download a digital copy of the journal from the Members Only section at www.cand.ca.

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