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News and Events

CAND Annual Awards Presented at our 2013 AGM

British Columbia and Ontario naturopathic doctors receive awards, along with CAND staff

June 8, 2013

Ottawa – The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) annual general meeting was held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 8, 2013.

Three naturopathic doctors and one CAND staff member with over ten years' service were presented with special awards commemorating a long-standing support of the naturopathic profession

Dr. Verna Hunt Award
Presented to Dr. Jason Boxtart, ND

Each year the Dr. Verna Hunt award is given to a naturopathic doctor who has made a significant contribution to the CAND. The award is named after its first recipient Dr. Verna Hunt, DC, ND.

The CAND is pleased to present the 2013 Verna Hunt Award to Dr. Jason Boxtart, ND, past chair of the CAND.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Presented to Dr. Angela Moore, ND

The award is presented to an ND who has demonstrated their commitment to the Profession throughout their career. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the CAND’s way of recognizing the recipient’s dedication and thanking them for their efforts.

The "Vital Link" Award (inaugural)
Presented to Dr. Marianne Trevorrow, MA, ND and Vital Link Journal editor and contributor and Alex McKenna, CAND marketing and development manager and Vital Link Journal managing editor

The "Vital Link" Award recipients have demonstrated a dedication to the naturopathic medical profession through providing writing and/or editing services to the CAND Vital Link members' journal.

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